I caught them, then I joined them

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Night Banging.”
            My brother and I shared a common wall between our bedrooms. Our             headboards were both  placed against this wall because of how our rooms were laid out.              Now, it was not uncommon for me to hear his headboard bang against the wall. Most of the time              he was just moving around or sitting down on his bed and it would just happen. However,              sometimes I would hear a rhythmic banging. But it wasn’t a loud banging. It was quiet enough that it              sounded like it was trying to be concealed. Well I knew what my bro was doing. He was jacking off!              What else would guys are age be doing to make that sound. I had just learned how to, oh I had been rubbing it for some time, and I would get dry orgasms but I knew as I grew older they would be wet. I had heard my brother and my older cousin talking about it one day. I am sure that if they knew I was within ear shod they would have talked about other things.                This was a turn on to me. It became routine for me to listen to              him and jack off my own dick in unison. I figured he wouldn’t be able to hear my head board              banging if his was as well. However, I have to admit I was very turned on to the thought that              my brother jacked off. I didn’t know if  I was gay or not but ever since I could remember. Dick was the goal for me              whether it was on my brother or anyone else, I didn’t care. I knew when I got older I would find a way to find another dick and find out if  I wanted to suck dick the rest of my life.. I think I knew deep inside that I would.               So I would listen to him jack off every chance I got. Sometimes I              was even lucky enough to hear him moaning and orgasm. This went on for a long time. Then  one night, I was awakened by a loud thumping noise. It was my brothers head board and it was  banging the wall hard and loud. It was so loud, I knew it was going to wake up our dad. I              listened intently to hear what was going on. This was not my brothers usual jack-off session. I knew it was something else but didn’t know what.   It hadn’t clicked in my young mind that guys did more than just jerk off.                          Then I heard someone say “Shhhh!”. I put my ear to the wall and I              listened intently. I could hear whispering and quiet moaning. I started to get real curious   and real aroused. My cock sprung up and was poking through the fly of my pajamas. I started to rub it as I listened some  more. I knew there was someone in there with my brother but who              was it? And what were they doing? It sounded like they were having sex! If our dad woke up  there would be hell to pay!
              Even though my bro was in college and me, well I was still in Jr. High , our Dad was still real strict because we lived at               home. There were many rules and daily chores and responsibilities. Dad said it built character               and when we were on our own we would be grateful for the work ethic he was instilling in us. I               didn’t much care for all the chores but I did feel good about myself after completing them. It               made my free time feel like I really earned it. Somehow, that also enhanced my time               masturbating.
              Anyway, suffice it to say, if Dad woke up there would be hell to pay. He did not tolerate rule   breaking.
              I kept listening to the soft moaning. I spit in my hand and rubbed my saliva over my cock head               and down the shaft and back up again. God it felt good! Especially listening to this! Then I heard               a few grunts. It was definitely two guys! Now I was really horny!  My fucking brother liked guys!               Yeah! I pumped my fucking cock real fast now, as I imagined my bro sucking dick. This was               driving me fucking crazy! I had to see what was going on. I had to see my brothers cock hard               and wet. I wanted to see if his balls were as hairy as mine and I wanted to see a hard juicy dick               sliding between his lips.
              The head board started banging a little louder and faster now and then it made a loud thump. I               had to see what the fuck was going on! My cock was drooling and throbbing red and I couldn’t               stand it. I was going to chance sneaking down the hall and getting caught by Dad.
              I tiptoed to my door, opened it slowly, and crept down the hall. I got to my brothers door and it               was closed. Real quietly, I peered under the door but couldn’t see anything. I could, however,               hear more!
              It was definitely two guys and they were whispering. How did my brother ever get him in past               Dad? I heard my brother say “Yeah fuck me, fuck me, give it to me. Slide that big fucking cock               in me! Yeah, fucking ball slap me!” And then I heard a deeper voice go, “Ugh, Ugh, Ugh!” Then               he whispered “Yeah. Take it, take it!”
              I had to see. I turned the door handle and slowly pushed it open. When I peered in I couldn’t               believe what I saw! There was my fucking bro, naked with his ass up in the air like an animal in               heat as he knelt on the bed on all fours. Crouched over him was my fucking Dad! His hairy ass               pumping fast as his dick pistoned out of his own sons butt! His  hands were wrapped around and               massaging my brothers tits. His balls were slapping my bro’s butt and sweat was pouring               everywhere.
              I was speechless and felt these butterflies in my stomach. I had ever been so horny in my life. I knew right then that male family fucking was what I really  wanted. I actually moaned out loud and had my first wet orgasm                and that’s when they heard me. They jumped up and looked surprised but when my Dad saw               my hard cock poking out of my pajamas cum dripping off the head of it he walked over to me. His dick was about 9 inches long and it was deflating  and swung manly between his hairy thighs as he moved. My eyes were  riveted to it, to my own               Dad’s dick. It was red and bloated from his fucking.
              “Well, I see we have another member of the family that is a horny fucker as well. I wasn’t sure               if we had awkened you or not. We usually do this when you are not around, but your brother               and I were so horny it just happened. Now I am glad we did. Why don’t you join us son. I can see by all that cum on your cock and hand, not to mention your PJ’s. You are certainly old enough to enjoy what we are enjoying.”
              Dad took my hand and pulled me to him. With his other hand he  groped my dick. Then he spit in               his hand, and slid it up and down my cock slow and firmly. He laughed and said he didn’t know why with all that juice on my cock that he thought he needed spit, then he masturbated me in a strong               fatherly way. Then he leaned in to me and kissed my mouth. Dad had a big thick mustache and               I loved the feel of it on my lips. I stuck my tongue out and licked the big bushy thing. Dad’s               tongue licked me back. He reached around behind me and slid his big hand under my pajamas               and on to my soft naked bottom. He kneaded it firmly and then slid a finger in between my               cheeks and lightly rubbed my rose bud. The whole time his hard dick was up against me. Then               he pulled back and said “Let’s get you naked.” He grabbed my pajama bottoms and yanked               them down as he guided my prick through the fly.
              “Ooh, Daddy likes seeing you like this. What a fine cock you got, son!”
              Then he leaned down and engulfed my young prick into his lips. His big thick mustache looked     awesome surrounding my dick. This is a sight I was hoping I would be lucky enough to witness      from now on.
      He looked lovingly up into my eyes as he sucked me. Then I noticed   my brother. 

He was sitting  on the edge of his bed jacking his dick. Yes! His balls were as hairy as mine! This was a male family of hairy cock!
              Dad saw me looking and pulled off my dick. He said, “I want to see                you and your brother kiss when your naked.”
              I walked over to the bed and sat down with my bro. His eyes were  stuck on my wet throbbing cock that he had watched Dad sucking.
      We didn’t say anything. We  just both knew how much we had been wanting this. We leaned into each other and french kissed 
            passionately. We felt each  others hot wet dicks and rubbed our hands all over each other. I,   of course, had my hands on  my brothers balls. True brotherly love.
              Dad said, “God you two are hot together.”
              My bro and I broke our wet sloppy kiss and turned to Dad. His huge              paternal cock was throbbing  at full mast. We both kneeled before him and stuck our wet tongues              out. We flicked slowly and  softly at Dad’s dick. Both in unison. I delighted in the knowledge this daddy dick had spawned us               both. It was even better sharing it with my bro. Dad had some precum come out his piss hole               and my brother and I licked it off together.
              We also took turns sucking the head. I really enjoyed licking his  big blond hairy balls. Dad was               crooning and said, “You boys are so fucking hot! You want Daddy’s  fucking cum?! You want your               Daddy’s fucking man cum?! Suck your Daddy’s big fucking dick! 
              Dad was flailing on his fucking dick shaft with his hand. My              brother and I were on either side of Dad and had our lips pressed together on his cockhead with our              tongues out and touching.  Letting him fuck his dick between both our lips and over our              tongues. This whole time my bro and I were masturbating each other.
              As Dad picked up the pace he grunted and yelled. “UGH!!!!!! I’m              fucking cumming!!!!!” My bro couldn’t miss it and slurped Dad’s dick into his mouth as Dad shot              his load. My fucking bro drank it! I watched him gulp as we continued our mutual dick jacking. I              also licked rapidly at the dick juice in my brothers mouth and at my bro’s sweet lips, lapping up my              dad’s cum that escaped from the sides.
              My bro pulled off and I then engulfed Dad’s dick in my mouth and             squeezed out what cum was left. My brother dropped to my cock and sucked me in his mouth. I              could feel Dad’s cum in there swishing around my prick. My bro pulled off and spat some of              Dad’s jizz onto my dick and jacked me real fast.
              “I’m gonna fucking shoot!” I screamed and my bro sucked me in again as I spurted brother cum               into his mouth. I sucked Daddy’s dick in again as I shot. It felt like I was suckling him and it was               the best fucking orgasm I had ever had!
              After I was done I looked down and saw that my brother had shot all over the floor and my               legs.
              Dad said for now we could both sleep in his room naked whenever we wanted. And we did, every night, in the mornings my brother would fuck me till I came after Dad left for work, and if we both got home before Dad I would do the same to my brother„ fuck until he came.
It made our cumming harder with Dad, and by that I only mean slower. Dad seemed to like us taking our time„ I don’t know if he knew my brother and I were enjoying each other without him, and I doubt he even cared. As long has he never heard “no” from either of us.
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